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AKWA Guesthouse

AKWA Guesthouse Restaurant & Bar concepted, created & then constructed by Timothy Andrew Schwan in 2009 for just less than a decade with a talented amazing team of wonderful Thai Locals. It was sold & acquired by new French owners who, regrettably, after just a year or 2 of new ownership, decided to close its doors. Today, this website stands as a testament to Timothy's dedication to ensuring a fulfilling stay for guests, and the memories created within its walls of memories.

In its heyday, AKWA Guesthouse Restaurant & Bar was a haven for travelers seeking to explore the best of Koh Samui from its central location, amidst a backdrop of numerous sights and landmarks. Its strategic positioning allowed for easy access to the islands must-see destinations. AKWA received fantastic reviews  (way before the iPhone or Instagram) it was the old style talk from visitors who praised Timothy's commitment to ensuring a fulfilling stay. Complimentary Wi-Fi, convenient access, and the assistance of friendly Thai front desk staff were just a few of the highlights that garnered rave reviews.

The rooms? Imagine them as Timothy’s eclectic second bedroom, if it had been whisked around the globe, picking up stories from New York's sleepless streets, Sydney’s sunny Real Estate shores, London's foggy Boring eclectic lanes, and Europe’s ancient alleys. Each room, a chapter from a grand travelogue, decked out with everything from the whimsical to the downright necessary. The toiletries were a royal affair, crafted by a little old lady who knew Timothy's taste for the finer things and the soft touch of Thai tradition – probably the best souvenirs from his global escapades.

Guests were often spellbound by the rooms, each an air-conditioned sanctuary with balconies or terraces offering views that sparked tales of far-off lands. The hotel’s in-room entertainment wasn't just a feature; it was a journey through cable TV shows. Yet Tim's stories about his 4 geriatric cats jet-setting on planes in order to retire on the island, getting lost in Atlanta, or finding themselves in the bewildering wonder of New Orleans. Even the occasional ennui of Detroit was there, an ode to the quiet moments between adventures.

The mini-bars and refrigerators? Stocked with local delights, they were like mini-globes themselves, filled with the flavours of Timothy's Thai travels. Bathrobes whispered tales of luxury from ancient kingdoms, while the amenities spoke of the modern-day comforts that even weary travelers from tales of yore would envy.

Indeed, the guest experience was a mosaic of whimsy, comfort, and Timothy's legendary love for the arts, stories of old kingdoms, and, of course, his humorous take on the globe-trotting tales of cities, creatures, and the curious cases of lost luggage. It was more than just a stay; it was a journey through the laughter and lore of the world Timothy loved.

Enjoying on-site restaurants were described as convenient and delectable experiences. Evenings were made enjoyable with a bar on the premises, providing the perfect place to unwind.

Moreover, AKWA Guesthouse Restaurant & Bar went the extra mile to ensure guests had a memorable time. Access to Chewang beach. Located right on Chaweng Beach, guests at AKWA Guesthouse Restaurant & Bar were only a Usain Bolt-style dash of 76 seconds away from feeling the sand between their toes on the amazing Chaweng beach. No need for maps when you're that close to paradise! A bit further afield, the iconic Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks, about 7.3 km away, offered the perfect excuse for a leisurely stroll or a scenic marathon, depending on your holiday vibe. AKWA Guesthouse Restaurant & Bar wasn't just a place to stay; it was a starting block for adventures and stories, making every visit a gold-medal-worthy experience in Koh Samui. Add to that Timothy Andrew Schwan's amazing, incredible hospitality, built over decades in numerous hotels and ventures, and you're in great hands! With Timothy, expect the kind of care and attention that'd make even the most pampered of royals nod in approval. It's like having a personal cheer squad for your holiday comfort, ensuring your stay is nothing short of legendary.

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